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Meripol Bike Hotel

Special bike holiday in Alba Adriatica that stretches along the coast, from the beautiful waterfront, with bike path, to the sweet verdant hills inland through the wine and oil roads to Gran Sasso and the nearby Piceno.

Services for cyclists

  • breakfast buffet for sports people (stuffed sandwiches, fresh fruit and water)
  • energetic buffet and fresh fruit on return from the excursion
  • dinner menu by choice
  • safe depot for bikes
  • workshop designed for small repairs and cleaning
  • laundry service for sports clothing
  • cycling guides and tourist maps
  • 2 groups of different level
  • tasting evening with typical products
  • beach services
  • first-aid minibus service
  • massage service and/or physiotherapy
  • present for all Bikers on arrival.

For those who do not ride

For those who do not ride, long walks on the beach, on the paths of the beautiful seafront and shops in the streets of Alba Adriatica, courses of food with local and regional markets numerous daytime and evening in the city and surrounding areas.

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